what if i told you that you forgot the sixth hero? y'know, that guy that's been going around saying he was another hero. Think his name was 'Wall' or something.


anyways, there is no sixth hero

i don’t know who this fellow is, assuming you are telling the truth, but if he’s causing such a ruckus, i suppose i’ll find out sooner or later, hmm?


pchat event no.2! thanks for coming and bein awesome guys! i hope i’ll have time to schedule another before school starts ‘v’

yea h……………ugh

evan. evan’s the cutest.

and before you start badgering me about why i didnt just steal it-

i’ll have you know the lumiere is a custom ordered ship with everything down to my own specifications - the only one of its kind in the world (and the best, obviously!)


A/N:Yaaayyyy im done~~~~ My Snk crossover for Maplestory~~ i hope you guys like it. I will add more if i feel like it. The first one looks like Phantom is about to attack Aria but it was supposed to be 2 diffrent pics… yeahh… i copied the quote Ymir said to Historia. hahaha… yeah it wasnt supposed to take me this long to upload this but i got distracted….



(i literally ship everyone with everyone dont worry)

(i literally ship everyone with everyone dont worry)